DRESS:  Dark suit/skirt, dark shoes, pressed white shirt, conservative tie, etc.

Interviewing can be a stressful situation, so be yourself and be able to show your capabilities. I have some simple suggestions that we have developed that will make interviewing easier.

  • POINT 1:  To get off on the right foot, don’t get caught in the “Tell me something about yourself” question. If you are asked that question, set yourself up so that you can answer with qualifications for the position by asking. “I understand you are wanting a ________…, but in order to make sure that we are on the same wavelength, what are the primary duties and responsibilities of the position?”

  • POINT 2:  Ask probing questions, such as… what is the #1 priority for this position? The answer to this question will tell you not just whether you can do the job, but will tell you if you really want to do the job. Then answer with a few examples of your accomplishments with this #1 priority. What problems have you had in this area? Or, how are you currently addressing this problem?

  • POINT 3:  Two other important questions to ask are… What would be my first project, or production goals? What obstacles would prevent me from reaching this goal? After these two questions, you can take a minute and talk about yourself having accomplished a tough goal.

  • POINT 4:  Don’t forget to ask… “If I perform well, where can I go in the company? Your future goals and the future goals of the company are an important comparison for you to evaluate.

  • POINT 5:  Before you interview, write up 10-15 questions you want answered during the interview. This should include everything that is important to you, and don’t forget to take a pen and paper with you on the interview.  Have your questions ready, so that you will not forget them, and write down answers and key points for future reference.

  • POINT 6:  Avoid compensation and benefits discussions… If the hiring authority asks about your financial requirements, side step it by answering: “Compensation is important, but the opportunity to improve my career path is my #1 priority at this time.” The key issue is OPPORTUNITY. At the end of the interview, state that… “If you have an interest in me, I will entertain your strongest offer!”

  • POINT 7:  Somewhere in this interview you are going to have to ask for the job. On way to do this is to ask… “As I understand it, you are looking for someone who does _________… and read back the primary duties. Then ask, “Do I have the qualifications to fulfill the requirements for this position?  NOTE:  It is CRITICAL that you wait for the answer no matter how long it takes. If the answer is YES, then you can “I am very interested in this position, and I am prepared to accept an offer if you are prepared to extend one.” If the hiring authority is not prepared to extend an offer at this interview, your response should be… “I wasn’t sure that you could, but I wanted to let you know what my commitment was.” If the hiring authority feels that you are weak in an area, you can reassure them with a past accomplishment in the same area.

    Another less direct approach would be to say, “I’m interested in pursuing this opportunity. What is the next step?” If the hiring authority is interviewing other candidates that you are currently talking to?’ This may open an additional opportunity to introduce another benefit of your past experience.

  • POINT 8:  Be certain to contact us RIGHT AFTER the interview with your feedback. Our client companies normally give us their feedback the same day, or the next day at the latest. This will enable us to evaluate your standing, and determine what the next step in the process will be. Be sure to Email AND Overnight a thank you letter to the hiring authority (Bullet Point Strengths) with a copy of the letter to us.