To enable us to successfully recruit the right candidates, the recruiting process must be addressed.  The following points are necessary and will result in finding the best candidates for the desired position.  All aspects of the recruitment process are handled on a professional confidential basis. An average search process can be completed within 30-45 days.

Position Analysis: An in-depth interview to determine the specific needs of the company (client), and identify the requirements needed to perform the job, including; background, work experience, and industry training. At this time, we will also determine the urgency to make this hire. A fee agreement that details the amount of the service charge and terms should be agreed upon before continuing on with the process.

Selling your Company: We need your help to determine how to present your company and the opportunity. How do we recruit the top candidate from your competitors? What can you offer a top candidate who is presently working and happy where he/she is? (This is not just a monetary answer.)

Market Research: We will conduct research to identify potential companies where this individual could be. You (client) need to inform us of any companies in which there may be a hands-off policy, and (in addition) any companies you specifically want us to recruit from.

Weekly Review: Our recruiters need to communicate with you (the client) on a weekly basis to keep you informed on the status of the search, and receive any changes in the search parameters.

Recruiting: We will actively call into targeted companies to locate individuals that have the described skills, duties, and responsibilities needed to fill this position. We will identify and contact between 50 to 100 potential candidates and narrow the field to 3 to 5 actual candidates. We will determine if they can do the job, and that they are willing and able to resign from their current job for the right opportunity. This individual typically is not actively looking to make a change and must be recruited.

Candidate Interviews: Each of the final candidates will be extensively interviewed to determine if they have the skills, experience, and abilities to meet the needs of the client. We will also determine if the personal goals of the candidate can be met through the client’s opportunity. We will probe for any potential problems that could prevent resignation and acceptance of a new position.

Present Candidates: We will present only the candidates that have passed our extensive interviewing process. These candidates will be qualified and ready to make a career change for the right opportunity.

Preparing Candidates for the Interview: The final candidates will be given as much information about the client and the opportunity as the hiring authority dictates and is necessary for them to be interested in initiating the hiring process. This briefing gives us an additional opportunity to uncover the candidates “Hot Buttons” that could become important later.

Preparing the Client for the Interview: This is an opportunity to share with your insight into the candidates’ specific background, personal objectives and “Hot Buttons”. If you like the candidate, this will allow you to sell to their wants and needs. The candidates we send are not “Applicants”, if you like the candidate you must sell him/her on why working for your company is a good career move for them. Keep in mind this candidate was recruited.

Debrief the Candidate after the Interview: We will determine the candidate’s interest level, opinions as to positives and negatives of the opportunity and find out what it would take to attract this candidate to your position.

Debrief the Client: We will share with you the candidate’s reaction from the interview and level of interest in the position. We will check to see if there is a need to obtain additional information to make a hiring decision. Here is where we need to know Yes we want to hire or No we don’t want to hire and Why.

In-depth Reference/Background Checks: If desired, we will perform reference checks with previous employers, co-workers, subordinates, and customers if appropriate. You may prefer to make some or all of your own reference checks. We are willing to work with you in a manner that makes you the most comfortable. We can also provide third party background checks to include education and employment verification, criminal, driving, credit checks, etc.

Covering a Counter-offer: We will consult candidates about counter-offer. We will prepare them for the possibility of a counter-offer, we will help them understand the potential consequences of accepting a counter-offer, and aid them in handling such an event.

Make a Verbal Offer: After we receive your offer of employment for the candidate, we will make a verbal offer to them to assure that he/she is prepared to accept the official offer. We will instruct the candidate to call you (client) with his verbal acceptance.  By doing this in advance it will allow us to isolate any concerns and/or stumbling blocks to the acceptance of the formal offer.

Formal Offer: Once we have pre-closed the candidate on accepting your offer, then the formal written offer is presented to the candidate for his/her acceptance and signature.

Follow-up: When the candidate is hired, we will follow-up with him/her through the start date and the first 90 days to make sure that he/she is satisfied. We will also continue communication with you to assure client satisfaction.